Photography is defined as the art of taking and processing photographs. Websites are defined as pages or collection of pages on the World Wide Web with specific information from a person or entity. So, what brings together art and technology? Your brand!

Recognition of you and/or your business begins with your brand. When you use clean cut, professional images of you, your business, or product, on your website, you solidify the ingenuity and trustworthiness of your brand and your business. 

When you display across your website photographs capturing different views and aspects of your product or service, you’re giving your ideal client a visual of what to expect at the convenience of their computer screen. Choosing Lifestyle Business Portraits or Product Photographs to associate with “Services” pages and “About Us” pages provide your potential client insight to your business and product or service. 


So many of us in this century process information better with visual aids. Having a professional photographer frame the essence of what your business is about helps you meet this common expectation. Your photographer can advise you on how best to capture your product or service, but your Web Designer has plenty to offer in this regard, too. 

You hold the idea for your website, but nobody knows it better than your Designer. It’s important to incorporate their opinion for inspiration of images to be used on your site. They can guide you on language and how certain phrasing and layouts work best to use images. Your Web Designer can show you where Product or Lifestyle photographs would complement your website’s content while keeping your brand, product, or service at the forefront of your client's web experience. 

When you’re unsure about the style of images you should have on your website, or when you can’t quite figure out the right lighting, colors, backgrounds, etc. for the shoot, your designer has the insight to provide guidance and valuable advice. He or she can give you direction based on the layout, theme and programming structure of your website. 

Photography and Websites work together to provide your client with a convenient “sneak peek” of your brand, your business, and you! It’s important to rely on your Website Designer for input on your photo shoot and end goal images, as much as (if not more than!) your photographer. Don’t forget to be open about your vision for your website and images; lean on your resources for inspiration and guidance. This visual lead from your Web Designer will help your photographer create the ideal setting to snap images harmonious with your brand and your website!

Until next time, don’t forget to grab your FREE worksheet on how you can tackle your Instagram image troubles!


Crystal Hollman, Content Director & Photographer