Brand & Website Launch

Bellinis For Breakfast

Working with Siobhain was wonderful, and it was my honor to be able to provide her with the tools to help her take charge of her business with a revamped brand and website design!


“Mona's process really blew me away. She is organized, whip-smart and SO talented!”


I had the opportunity to connect and work with Siobhain, a talented blogger based in Luxembourg. Siobhain has been blogging for fun for a little while and she loves to travel.

Siobhain had a Wordpress website. She wasn’t happy with the way things were looking and she felt like it was time to establish a visual identity to go along with her new website design.

Her blogging and photography style is full of humor and fun so our goal was to create something that had same bright, fun and modern vibe. I designed her logo which incorporates travel and bellinis with bright text.

After working on her brand, logo, colors, and typography, we started working on her new full Showit5 website. Her blog is linked with Wordpress where she can blog and all the custom design elements are in Showit5.


I initially got in touch with Mona for a logo which I felt was important. But at that point, I still wanted to do the website myself. However, it was bogging me down and holding me back. I couldn’t get my head around it at all and I was depending on a friend and her spare time for help. As soon as we got chatting I had a good feeling. And I never felt at any point that she was trying to pitch for business. It felt comfortable and like there was a genuine offer of support. It felt very natural to go from logo to website and complete the package. So it felt good to let go of that and focus on my strength which was content.

Working with Mona was like having a project manager. Her process really blew me away. She’s organized, whip-smart and SO talented. I loved and valued her input and ideas, she wasn’t just doing what I asked but she was involved and invested in helping me create the kind of image that has longevity. I feel so confident now that I have such a classy and professional look to back up my writing.
— Siobhain Engman

Do you want to see more? Then go ahead and visit her new website, and make sure to say Hi! Need to chat or do you have questions about branding or website design? Feel free to reach out!